Focusing on sustainability Embtec design, produce and deliver "Industrial Packaging Services", industrial packaging and qualified welded products.




Are you looking for a new job?

W‍‍e ‍are constantly searching new co-workers to join our company and mission.

Embtec value an even gender and age distribution as well as ethnic and cultural diversity.



Circular economics not only benefits the environment

The Embtec way of working reduces costs throughout the life cycle and ensures efficiency in every step.


Environment, people and society - We care!

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Embtec is specialized in manufacturing, repair and maintenance of packaging and transport fixtures for the northern Europe industry. Embtec is certified according to ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001-2015.


Needs analysis

We start with a needs analysis where we review your flows and look at new alternatives to the packaging you use today to propose our solution in the next step.


We will return with our proposal on packaging, either with a drawing or a prototype / sample, where you as a customer will be able to evaluate the product and its properties. We also propose maintenance and repair flows.


Once the test is evaluated and the solution is optimized we manufacture the agreed specification.


Our commitment not only includes manufacturing but Embtec takes responsibility for the entire product life cycle, offering everything from preventive maintenance to periodic cleaning either in house or at Embtec facilities.


In the same way Embtec takes on ongoing maintenance, we also take care of the repair of your packaging, not only Embtec products but also packaging from other suppliers. This process can be done in house at customer site or at Embtec facilities, offering pick up and delivery.

Warehouse & Logistics

Where we have maintenance and repair responsibilities, we can pick up and leave your packaging, store new packaging and spare parts, either in consignment or in our possession, whichever solution suits you best. We can also provide TPL.

Sustainable Packagning Solutions

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