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Load Carries since 1987

We have load carriers in our DNA. Above all, we carry out repairs and conversions of load carriers, but we also develop new solutions.

We offer a wide range of services

Packaging Soulotions

Embtec designs industrial packaging and material handling solutions including racks, combitainers, dollies, and more.

Bring us your problem and we´ll solve it beginning with a prototype.

Repair & Maintenance

Packaging is often exposed to hard handling. For continued safe handling and proper operation, Embtec take care of the repair work on your transportation fixtures and packages. Embtec repair both steel, plastic and wood packaging.

Warehouse & Logistics

Where we have maintenance and repair responsibilities, we can pick up and leave your packaging, store new packaging and spare parts, either in consignment or in our possession, whichever solution suits you best. We can also provide TPL.


Rent your cargo carriers instead of buying! It reduces costs, creates flexibility in planning and it ensures that you have whole and clean load carriers when you need them.

Why tie up your capital but rent your transport flows through us!


Through Embtec Exchange, we offer repairs to your load carriers but you never have to wait for a repair time. We have ready-made packaging of the same type and send it back in the same transport.

Simple, reliable and with minimal disruption to your flows!


Are your cargo carriers on errant roads? We handle the collection of empty cages and can recondition and, in cases where there is a need, also repair the cages.

It ensures whole and clean cages when it's time for deliveries.


Flexible and simple

Embtec has dollies for transporting racks or with add-ons for kitting. We optimize for unit load and space. Testing and ergonomic evaluation are part of the development process.

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Steel pallets

Space saving

Embtec produces different types of racks for fork lift handling. Often stackable with a folding function for maximum utilization of the transport volume.

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Load carrier conversion

Sustainable & eco-friendly

Embtec rebuilds and adapts existing load carriers to new purposes and tasks. It saves both money and resources.

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For real!

Embtec gives that little extra with personal service, responsibility and commitment.

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We do our best to respond as quickly as possible.


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Johan Aronsson


Tel. +46 702 33 36 16



Jesper Seander


Tel. +46 700 90 70 79